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NEW! moDiag ultimate - improving the approved

moDiag professional becomes moDiag ultimate!
Redesigned from scratch it is ready for new requirements and upcoming operating systems.

The already known good user-interface has been improved and modernized. New features have been added.

The best of all: moDiag Ultimate offers the performance of the professional and more to a much lower price!

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Welcome to the home of moDiag OBD2 scan software!

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moDiag is the first OBD2 scan software with special features for the optimized adjustment of LPG- or CNG conversion kits. moDiag is suitable for all cars compliant to OBD2 / EOBD (in the EU: cars with Otto-engines from year 2000/2001 on; Diesel from 2003/2004 on).

  • Saves you the hassle of manipulating with external OBD2 scanners and laptop!

  • Adjust LPG kits right to the point!

  • Works flawlessly with all known LPG-adjustment softwares!

  • Recommended by education centers and LPG kit manufacturers!

moDiag comes in three different versions:

moDiag ultimate - the choice of the professionals
Special features allow the adjustment of LPG kits in a breeze. It allows the full documentation of a car´s conversion. Create 3D-Maps from three live data sensors to easily identify problematic areas.

moDiag expert - the economical solution
Supports all relevant OBD2-Modes. Based on moDiag professional it has less visualization modes but still is a powerfull OBD scan tool.

moDiag express - the basic version for free!
moDiag express lets you read/erase diagnostic trouble codes and shows live data from the ECU.

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moDiag Details

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