moDiag - Gasanlageneinstellung mit Prins VSI

moDiag is perfectly suited to work with LPG adjustment software!

Kennfelddarstellung von Kurzzeittrim über Drehzahl und Last

NEW! moDiag ultimate allows you to record 3D-maps visualize them as 3D-surfacediagram. Thus you are able to easily identify problematic areas in the adjustment!

OBD2 Software moDiag - Functions

Depending on the version of moDiag (professional, expert or express) the software allows you to:

  • Read and erase diagnostic trouble codes
  • Read the freeze frame data
  • Read and visualize live sensor data
  • Make acceleration tests
  • Make dyno runs
  • Measure the fuel consumption
  • Read the status of the onboard monitoring systems
  • Read vehicle information like e.g. VIN
  • Read the monitoring test results of the O2-sensor monitor
  • Create a complete documentation of the LPG conversion of a car
  • Create diagnostic test reports
  • Log live data during a test drive and visualize the results in the software or with third party tools like MS Excel(R)
  • Observe the ECUs parameters during the adjustment of an LPG kit

moDiag is optimized for the use with the following OBD2-Interfaces:

  • OBD_DIAG 2055 / DIAMEX DX 25
  • OBD_DIAG 3000
  • OBD_DIAG 3100
  • OBD_DIAG 4000 / DIAMEX DX 35
  • OBD_DIAG 4000exp
  • OBD_DIAG 4500
  • OBD-DIAG 6000
  • DIAMEX DX 60 / 61
  • DIAMEX DX 70

Contact us! We deliver the best suited interface!

Depending on the interface used, all OBD-2-protocols will be supported by moDiag!

moDiag is compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows ® 8